Feb 14, 2023 | Announcement, Press Release

Amath Pathé Sene announced as the new Managing Director for Africa’s food Systems Forum (AGRF)

The Africa’s Food Systems Forum (AGRF) secretariat is pleased to announce the appointment of Amath Pathé Sene the new Managing Director of the Forum.

As Managing Director, Pathé will be responsible for driving AGRF’s strategic growth and running the day-to-day business of its Secretariat as an independent, panAfrican, and multi-partner forum. He will continue to build on the great momentum already underway to take the AGRF a notch higher in its
vision and impact, by advancing and stewarding its multi-year strategy as agreed with the AGRA leadership and the AGRF Partners.

Pathé is an Agricultural Engineer by training and Climate and Environment Expert. He has over 18 years’ experience in the fields of agriculture, green finance & Agri value chains development, environment, climate change and sustainable natural resource management, food systems and nutrition security, rural development, and poverty reduction; rural infrastructure development; safeguards and de-risking public and private sector investments in sustainable agriculture. In his professional career, he has occupied various technical, managerial and leadership roles both at local, country, regional and global level, working across four regions in the World (Africa, South America, Central Asia and Europe).

Prior to joining AGRF, Pathé was the IFAD Lead Regional Environment and Climate Specialist for West and Central Africa based in Rome and later in Abidjan. He also acted as Director of the IFAD Abidjan sub regional office, and Country Director for Cote d’Ivoire, Niger, and Liberia. Before joining IFAD, Pathe was Policy Specialist on sustainable development with UNDP Global Policy Centre on Sustainable Development based in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). He previously worked with both UNDP and UNEP as Regional Program Advisor based in Nairobi (Kenya), providing technical assistance to African Countries on mainstreaming poverty, environment and gender objectives into national development and investment frameworks. Before that, he served as Program Officer and acting Team Lead with the UNDP Country Office in Mauritania.

Pathé’s other previous positions outside the UN include food security program and sub office manager in Afghanistan, a consultant with European Union in France and Agricultural Researcher at the Senegalese Agricultural Research Institute. He holds an MSc and post-graduate degree in Rural Societies, Territories, Sustainable Development and Natural Resources Management from Institut Agronomique Mediterraneen de Montpellier, France; an MSc on Agricultural Engineering from Ecole Nationale d’Agriculture de Meknes (Morocco) and MSc on Agribusiness, entrepreneurship and Gender from the Centre for International Agricultural Development Cooperation (Israel). Pathé speaks French, English, Portuguese, Wolof and Serer. He is a married and father to three awesome children.

Jul 17, 2021 | Announcement

Side Events – 6 September

Side events are an enriching, dynamic part of the AGRF. At the upcoming AGRF, which will be held from 7-10 September 2021, the side events will be on the preceding day – 6 September. Last year, 10,000 people participated in AGRF and we hope even more will join us at a special hybrid event this year, hosted by the government of Kenya. The theme of the Forum is Pathways to Recovery and Resilient Food Systems.

All applications will be considered against important criteria:

The side-event application form attached may be completed before the deadline of July 30, 2021. There are often many applications, so events may be combined or adapted, and not all can be accommodated. Once approved, the events are self-organized and briefings will be held to integrate the event into the Forum platform. We look forward to your proposals. Sessions will be held in a mix of 45 minute and 105 minute slots.

  • The relevance to the theme of Pathways to Recovery and Resilient Food Systems
  • Diverse speakers bringing unique voices to the themes
  • AGRF Partnership and New commitments


Click here to download the Application form



Kindly send your completed form to Catherine Ndung’u cndungu@agra.org cc’ing AGRFProgram@agrf.org