Field Visits - 3rd Sep 2023

Pre-Summit - 4th Sep 2023

Summit - 5th-8th Sep 2023


Africa's Food Systems Forum 2023 Summit’s theme, “Recover, Regenerate, Act: Africa’s Solutions to Food Systems Transformation,” focuses on building back better food systems and food sovereignty with youth and women at the center. The theme identifies three steps needed to achieve this transformation: Recovery, Regenerate, and Act.

Recovery calls for decisive strategies and actions to rebuild food systems after multiple crises and shocks. Regenerate emphasizes the need to regenerate natural capital resources with adaptation practices, innovation, and technology for sustainable food production in a changing climate context. Act urges urgent action to accelerate food systems transformation through better policies, practices, and investments.

Africa's Food Systems Forum 2023

Africa's Food Systems Forum 2023 Summit aims to:

share African innovations to scale up solutions to global food systems challenges, assess progress made in transforming food systems across the continent and globally.

review the progress on investments and commitments made through the summit and the agribusiness deal room.

renew political commitments to advancing climate-resilient food systems for women and youth.

launch the presidential legacy program- Tanzania’s programmatic business model for piloting and scaling food system transformation.

mobilize innovative financing instruments such as catalytic funds to support youth and women-led agribusinesses.

The Program

comprised of Heads of State & Government, eminent persons a plenary on Africa’s leadership towards food systems transformation.

A platform for reflection and stocktaking on the political and financial components the continent has achieved.

These will be 2-hour sessions where pre-eminent speakers will deep dive into the various themes and action tracks defined for each day.

Innovators showcase serving as red thread sessions and showing the path forward for Africa’s food systems advancement – including availability, affordability, and accessibility.

An interactive parallel panel of distinguished leaders discussing key insights on shaping the future of food systems.

The session will elevate the discussion on harnessing the power of young people to transform the continent’s potential in agriculture into real action.

Will bring together women leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities to support women in food systems value chains