Financial Platform

The Financing Platform is a powerful collaborative space that brings together MSMEs, public authorities, and investors to drive food system transformation across Africa. By combining the Agribusiness DealRooms, Generation Africa, and a potential Catalytic Fund, this platform offers comprehensive support for investment and partnership opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Agribusiness DealRoom: Facilitating Partnerships and Investments

The Agribusiness DealRoom is a matchmaking platform that convenes stakeholders from across the agricultural ecosystem to facilitate partnerships and investments in African agriculture. This platform specifically supports governments and MSMEs in accessing finance and partnership opportunities. Each year, the DealRoom is expected to attract over 800 companies, 15 government delegations, and 150 public and private investors. Despite the success in matching MSMEs with investors, advanced deals still face barriers to financing, such as the need for upfront investment, bankability issues, lack of technical support, collateral requirements, and limited capacity of deal owners.

Generation Africa: Empowering Youth and Women Entrepreneurs

Generation Africa is a partnership initiative that strengthens the ecosystem for youth and women entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector across the continent. This initiative supports entrepreneurs by providing access to the Agribusiness DealRoom, where they can find investors and partners to help grow their businesses.