Sep 7, 2022 | AGRF 2022 Summit voices

Tony Blair: World food system needs a new kind of investment

Original Post: African Business

Opinion by Tony Blair

Channelling patient, climate-smart investment to Africa’s dynamic agri-business sector is not only the right thing to do. There is a business case, says the former UK prime minister.

As African Presidents, agri-businesses, tech entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists come together in Kigali this week at the AGRF food and agriculture summit, the world is hungrier than it has been in years.

2014 saw the number of people affected by hunger beginning to slowly increase, for the first time in decades. The last two years have seen that slow rise gather pace – around 3bn people worldwide can no longer afford healthy diets. The world has moved backwards in its efforts to end hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition.   

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