Past AGRF Summits

AGRF rotates annually to new host countries with themes crafted to highlight a key area of focus in driving progress and thought leadership on the most pressing issues in transforming the agriculture sector in Africa.

Grow Digital: Leveraging digital transformation to drive sustainable food systems in Africa Accra, Ghana 2019 AGRF Report 2019 Communique (English) 2019 Communique (French)
Lead. Measure. Grow: Enabling new pathways to turn smallholders into future agribusinesses Kigali, Rwanda 2018 AGRF Report 2018 Communique (English) 2018 Communique (French)
Accelerating Africa's Path to Prosperity: Growing Inclusive Economies and Jobs through Agriculture Abidjan, Ivory Coast 2017 AGRF Report 2017 Abidjan Communiqué (English)
Seize The Moment: Securing Africa’s Rise Through Agricultural Transformation Nairobi, Kenya AGRF 2016 Report
Walking the Talk on Youth and Women: Bringing Inclusive Agricultural Markets to Life Lusaka, Zambi 2015 Communique (English)
Beyond The Tipping Point: A New Vision And Strategies For Inclusive And Sustainable Transformation Addis Ababa, Ethiopia AGRF 2014 Report
Scaling Up And Financing Inclusive Agribusiness Through Transformative Public-private Partnerships Maputo, Mozambique
Scaling Investment and Innovation for Sustainable Agricultural Growth and Food Security. Arusha, Tanzania
Investing in African Agriculture Accra, Ghana AGRF 2010 Report