Madame Maimouna COULIBALY

Founder and CEO, Faso Kaba Seed Company

Madame Maimouna Coulibaly is an accountant who in 2003 retired from an American NGO, CLUSA-Mali sponsored by USAID, which worked with Farmers organizations in Mali. Maimouna developed interest in seed business during the period when her spouse was pursuing post graduate studies at IOWA State University in US she got a part time job to work for a seed company.

It is the knowledge gained from her US seed company experience and her 15 years of experience in NGO work that allowed her to start and manage Faso Kaba Seed Company in Mali. The company started with a production of only 28.5 MT of seed in 2007, with a bank loan of $10000 guaranteed for 50% (paid back) by the NGO SG2000 in Mali. Today Faso Kaba is producing over 1,500 MT.

From a humble beginning, the company now has in place modern facilities to process, distribution network and producing a range of crops from hybrid maize, sorghum, rice, cowpea, peanut and vegetable seeds, with AGRA technical and financial support. Maimouna has participated in several national and international seed panels including one in Senegal where she represented seed companies in West Africa to meet Barrack Obama when he was US president. Maimouna has equally attended several trainings in seed in Africa and other continents and it is this experience she has used to grow Faso Kaba Seed Company to the biggest company in Mali.