Eric Kaduru

Co-Founder and CEO, KadAfrica Estate

Eric was born and raised in Kenya, with a Kenyan mother and a Uganda father he considers himself an East African. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of KadAfrica Estate, a commercial passion fruit farm and out grower network. KadAfrica has worked with more than 2000 out of school girls aged 14-24 in western Uganda to build sustainable livelihood options by starting viable agro-enterprises cultivating passion fruit. He “passionately” believes that involving youth in agriculture is key to creating sustainable development on the continent.

Eric’s organization KadAfrica is a commercial passion fruit farm and socially-driven agribusiness that uses passion fruit farming to empower out of school girls in Western Uganda through a proprietary training program called the KadAfrica Experience. By equipping girls with knowledge, skills and assets

to begin their own sustainable passion fruit farms, they become financially literate, entrepreneurial leaders generating income through agribusiness. This girl-powered vertically integrated value chain creates vibrant rural communities and allows us to provide the highest quality fruit at a consistent price, year-round.