Dr Nalishebo Meebelo

National CAADP Expert, Zambia

Dr Nalishebo Meebelo is the National Expert for Zambia on matters concerning policy advice for strengthening implementation of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) and domestication of the 2014 Malabo Declaration. She holds: A Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with Public Administration; an MBA with Finance; and, a PhD in Business Studies, focused on knowledge management within the sustainable development framework. Meebelo has worked at both African regional and continental levels, coordinating and facilitating implementation of CAADP for more than a decade. She has supported African Union (AU) member States in their efforts to promote domestic and foreign investment (FDI) linked to smallholders along key agriculture commodity value chains, through targeted policy reform.  Dr Meebelo was the Deputy Coordinator for CAADP in the COMESA region and, first Coordinator of the COMESA Business Council – voice of the private sector in eastern and southern Africa. She has also contributed to the development of several COMESA and AU frameworks and guidelines as well as strategic plans and programmes in support of regional integration and agriculture development. Meebelo participated in the development of the recent AU Continental Agribusiness Strategy and AU Country Agribusiness Partnership Framework (CAP-F).  She is an Associate Editor for a publication titled ‘Women Writing Africa: The Eastern Volume’ (2003) and was also nominated as Role Model under the Modernising African Food Systems (MAFS) initiative in 2015.