AAIN Identified As Part Of The CAADP Technical Network In Charge Of Agroindustry And Value Chain Development

AGRF 2020

AAIN has been selected as one of the institutions to support the implementation of Malabo commitments made under the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) initiative. AAIN will especially bring on board its expertise in agribusiness
incubation and ensure involvement of youth and women to create jobs abTo achieve the ambitious goals and targets of the Malabo Declaration,
countries, and institutions at the regional and continental level will require technical support in terms of capacity, tools, systems and knowledge analysis. Upon recognition by the AU that at the core of CAADP commitments successful implementation will be the strategic engagement of African countries with existing and emerging continental and international Communities of Practice (CoPs) relevant for the delivery of agricultural transformation, the technical networks model was adopted and institutions across the continent sought and categorized into 7 networks;

  • Agriculture investments financing
  • Agro-industry and value chain development
  • Resilience, risk management and natural resource management
  • Knowledge management, policy analysis and accountability for results