The SME Resource Bank is a virtual repository of guiding materials that will help SMEs to better prepare for and optimize their engagements with investors in the year-round Agribusiness Deal Room and beyond.

It will contain fundraising material such as comprehensive investment memos, robust financial models and market analysis information that will inform SMEs about the investment process and requirements and how to prepare for participation in the Agribusiness Deal Room.

The resource bank will be intensely used in the capacity building and Deal Room preparation of hundreds of SMEs and Business Development providers.

Contributing partners to the Resource Bank include USAID, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, Prosper Africa, GiZ, IFC and CrossBoundary.

The resource bank will be an evolving open-source depository that will be open to other contributors for its expansion.

The following were the interesting poll results of more than 290 participants that attended the Resource Bank Launch webinar held on 18th February 2021: