Why partnering with the Deal Room is beneficial?

As a Strategic Partner, the Deal Room offers the opportunity to optimize the delivery of your inclusive Agri-investments programs, whilst creating synergies with more than a dozen partners. Partners will work with you regionally and on a country level to drive more investments.

The Deal Room also offers the ability to showcase progress, gain insights into market developments, share learnings and have access to a strong pipeline of investment opportunities. Furthermore, the Deal Room also offers the opportunity to engage with key senior public leaders on critical interventions that will improve successful transaction rates in their countries.

As a Deal Room strategic partner, you will help to shape and deliver the shared agribusiness Deal Room’s agenda and programs throughout the year. Each partner will be allowed to delegate two senior executives to participate in all Deal Room events, both year-round and during the AGRF. Deal Room partners will also benefit from the overall Deal Room brand positioning and visibility.

Partnering with the Agribusiness Deal Room is available to institutions and companies with an institutional mandate to drive Agri-investments in Africa. Partners are expected to make a minimal contribution of US$ 50,000 to the design and delivery of the Deal Room at the AGRF. A select number of technical partners can be invited to commit to an in-kind contribution of equal value (i.e. technical assistance, services or knowledge products on a regional level). Partners and sponsors of the AGRF are automatically invited to partner in the Deal Room.

Roles and responsibilities of the Deal Room partners

Deal Room partners are committed to support the design and delivery of one or more components of the Deal Room annually

  • Develop annual work plans that outline key activities and intended outcomes.
  • Identify areas of collaboration and provide year-round institutional support
  • Contribute to a successful delivery of the annual AGRF Summit by populating the pipeline of investment opportunities to be presented, design sessions and knowledge platforms, mobilizing investors, mobilize VIP participants, support participation of stakeholders (specifically government and SME’s).
  • Design programs and products that shape and advance the continental Deal Room agenda
  • Support various governments to optimize their engagement in the Deal Room

Support the design of a 5-year Deal Room program and goals

  • Setting 5 year intended outcomes aligned to CAADP 1 goals and indicators.
  • Support resource mobilization and awareness raising

Knowledge sharing and reporting

  • Contribute to the design of knowledge products and platforms
  • Support the tracking and reporting on a defined set of indicators.
  • Support development and activities of the virtual Deal Room
  • Champion joined communications on Deal Room activities and milestones

Creating synergies with other partners

  • Collaborate with other partners to create synergies regionally, as well as in country.
  • Identify other conferences and events that the Deal Room can partner with throughout the year
  • Ensure relevant in-country engagement to country-level Deal Room activities

Contact us to Partner

For further information on partnering with the Agribusiness Deal Room, please contact Jennifer Baarn, the Head of Partnerships, on Jbaarn@agra.org.

If you are an entrepreneur, prospective investors, financial institution or an anchor buyer interested in participation in the Agribusiness Deal Room, reach out to us by emailing dealroom@agra.org.