AGRF advances its mission and work throughout the year to achieve targeted outcomes largely by working through a set of action-oriented thematic platforms. These thematic platforms are composed of several member organizations who set a medium- to long-term strategy and annual work plans to achieve specific results of the CAADP agenda. They are strong, independent, and multi-stakeholder platforms that can exist even independent of the Forum and its annual Summit with their own mandate, but all of them must align to the Forum with their results and have the annual Summit as one key element of their implementation throughout the year.

The ten thematic platforms are currently as follows:

  1. Generation Africa Initiative as the Youth Agripreneurship Platform
  2. Agribusiness Deal Room Platform
  3. Regional Food Trade Coalition Platform
  4. Women in Agriculture Platform
  5. Policy & State Capability Platform (e.g. Malabo Champions for Africa Agricultural Transformation)
  6. AgTech & Digital Platform
  7. Food Systems & Nutrition Platform
  8. Adaptation & Resilience Platform
  9. Sustainable Productivity Platform 
  10. Rural & Market Development Platform

Mandate of Thematic Working Groups

The following are the main activities that shall be undertaken by the thematic platforms:

  • Setting 3-5 year intended outcomes aligned to CAADP goals and indicators. These outcomes shall be updated on an annual basis on an assessment of current needs and progress to date, in consultation with relevant organizations.
  • Developing annual work plans that outline key activities and how they will lead toward achieving the intended outcomes (e.g., events including AGRF, knowledge products, etc)
  • Tracking and reporting on a defined set of indicators. The indicators may be aligned to CAADP or another strategic framework, as set out in Annex 1.
  • Coordinating platform engagement and delivery against agreed programs, learning events, and other activities across thematic platform members.
  • Producing and spreading new cutting-edge knowledge products to shape and advance the continental agenda;
  • Contributing to the annual AGRF Summit with sessions and recruiting in various VIPs and stakeholders to add depth and breadth to the Summit delegates; and,
  • Collaborating with other conferences: Identifying other conferences and events for the thematic platform to engage throughout the year.